Saturday, December 17, 2005

In Praise of Audio Books

One of the things I like to do is to make good use of time driving in my car by listening to audio books. Time which would otherwise be wasted can be turned into a chance to learn from others prominent in their field, recharge my imagination, reawake some creative brain cells, recharge my mental batteries, or even warm my spiritual side.

I find myself most interested in non-fiction and inspiration titles among topics such as:
  • business – working in a technology field it always helps to understand the business side
  • management & leadership – I have to work with and through teams and can’t be successful without helping other people do their jobs well
  • selling – even if I don’t have a sales quota, I have to be able to sell my ideas
  • personal finance & investing – I’m afraid I know pretty well now what I should have done or should be doing vs. what I’ve actually done
  • Christianity – Bible study and spiritual growth

When I select fiction, it usually falls into one of two categories
  • Classics – something I feel like I should have read or should know about
  • Tom Clancy-type thrillers

From time to time I will include a post about what I enjoy from my audio-book time.

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